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Next time you pick up your device to watch YouTube, try searching “The Max Channel”.  At a very young age, West Orlando native, “Max” took his passion for movies to the next level.

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Knowing movies, toys and video games like the back of his hand, Max decided to create his own YouTube channel to share his reviews and opinions with the public.

With the help of his father, Max’s dream is on its path to success.

How old was Max when he dreamed up his BIG idea? Just SIX years old!  Max tells us “The main reason I did this is because it’s fun”.

Now 8 years old, Max has a lot of unique experiences to share.  One of his favorite reviews is The Nickelodeon Hotel. Lucky for Max, he had a chance to meet the real Power Rangers in person, “IT WAS AMAZING!” Max excitedly exclaimed during our interview.  Another one of Max’s favorites is the Vintage Collectable Store. “Every once in a while you’ll find something new, though its most likely you’ll find something old, yet great.”

Max’s father Mike is definitely proud of his son’s achievements.  “As a father I’m very happy for my son. Knowing that he could show his videos really made a difference to him. Back in my day it was impossible to show a film at such a young age, I’m really grateful that today’s technology (youtube) can influence my sons career”.

So what is Max’s latest post? Fan favorites like Star Wars, Comic Con & Lego reviews are just the beginning of what you’ll find on his page. His next big plan is to create another channel called “Max Channel – GAME ON” featuring only video game reviews. It’s never too early to dream big.


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Mia Adatia

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