The newest sci-fi movie based in Central Florida

Central Florida Filmmaker Mark Saunders is proposing the ultimate hypothetical in film format: what would your country be without borders?

In his film Scragland, the main character Bronson, a newly turned renegade, fights with his family in an epic battle between globalists and nationalists based in a futuristic United States. Saunders got the idea for the movie from events occurring in the world right now. He’s moved into a hypothetical direction with sci-fi incorporated into the story. “So, looking at these things, a story came to mind and [I] said, ‘What if we followed this; what would the United States look like?’” Saunders is also focusing on making the movie a Central Florida production. He’s hiring cast and crew who live in Central Florida and is incorporating film settings from around the area. Most of all, Saunders hopes to use the movie to open a dialogue between viewers. “Thinking is so important…I want people to think, I want people to talk, and I want it to start a dialogue between people,” reflects Saunders. “The movie is going to be very entertaining with a great soundtrack. We are going to make a good quality film that will make you think, touch your heart, make you cry, and then change your life in the process for the better,” promises Saunders. The distribution will be digitally and Saunders hopes to get Scragland on Netflix, Amazon, and Google Play.

Katerina Satsunkevich

Age 12