An interview with former Baseball Players Wil Nieves & Pedro Feliz

Puerto Rico is one of the many places that Hurricane Maria left devastated and a couple local baseball players are doing big things to help. 

Retired baseball players, Wil Nieves and Pedro Feliz are two of the many people helping make a difference in the Puerto Rican community.

Wil Nieves, originally from Puerto Rico, and the First Baptist Church Windermere organized this drive to help those in need of supplies. When asked about how the collaboration came about, Wil said the church was “More than happy to help!” He went on to say that, in addition the church had lent them tents and donated supplies as well.
They are transporting their supplies on October eighth by plane. Wil hopes it will be easier to get the supplies there that way. “I heard that if they go by plane, it’s a little bit easier to distribute the stuff.”
Pedro Feliz informed us that his former colleagues approached him about this drive. “That’s the least I can do, you know? I’m more than happy to be here.”

The Windermere community providing relief aid for Puerto Rico.

Lastly, Wil Nieves told us what our community could do to help. Even one bottle of water could make a difference. What they need most is water, but it is also important they have food, baby wipes and diapers. Together, we can help Puerto Rico recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria.


Story by:

Sarika Rao
Age 13