At the Lake

Photography by Lucas Eagle Nascimento


Sunset over Lake Apopka

I love taking pictures of Lake Apopka.

I like taking pictures at the lake because there is just a huge variety of different things to take pictures of, nature, animals, the water, the list goes on and on . At the lake I like taking photos of the water especially when the sun sets, but i also like taking photos of animals (if they are not camera shy).

Taking photo’s is a hard job, especially when it’s nature.  There is no such thing as a perfect picture but I still try my best to get the best photo I can get. With nature its all about angle and timing, with photography you have to be completely focused with the world around you, and once you snap that photo, who knows it could be the next best photo.

When i grow up i want to be a photographer. I love taking photos and i plan on doing it for a long time.


Sunset over Lake Apopka at the Boardwalk.


Geometric shapes in layers.

Lucas Eagle Nascimento

Lucas Eagle Nascimento

Age 12

I am 12 and attend Chain of Lakes Middle School.  I love photography because I like to explore and see new things.  My favorite subjects are nature and animals.  My perfect job would be Nature Photography.  My hobbies are archery, bike riding and gaming.

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