Pokemon Go: Winter Garden

Watch out Winter Garden, there may be a Pokémon in your backyard! Everywhere you go, from your bathroom to a local store, is a chance to “catch em all”.

This new game called ‘Pokémon Go’ is bringing Pokémon to the real world. The virtual world was released earlier this month and is compatible with iPhones & Androids. When you launch the app, the interface looks a lot a like a GPS map. Users create an avatar but instead of an arrow pointing to a direction or your car driving to its destination, it’s your avatar leading the way. When you walk, the avatar walks, when you turn, it turns, when you stop walking, the avatar stops walking.

Photo: Tori Lutz

What’s the Journalism X Team’s favorite part about this app? It’s bringing a lot of players into our town who may not have been here before. Take the app and launch it around downtown Winter Garden. You will be guided on a scavenger hunt, taking the user on a “Pokéstop” into the Edgewater hotel, or the splash pad, post office, theater, pavilion and more! This is a fun, great way to explore your town or even the world using this fun and engaging app.

Keep your eyes pealed, the next time you’re traveling anywhere there may be a Pokémon waiting for you!


Story by:

Josh McDonald
Age 10

Caroline Boothe
Age 10