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The Chronicles of Zelaria

Peter Smith, art director at Crimson Fables Studios, is coming out with a new and exciting series of comic books called “The Chronicles of Zelaria”. Zelaria, according to Smith, is a fairytale driven world, where all iconic, and some newly created characters, dwell together in harmony. His target audience is not only adults but children, too.
Smith feels that the treasured characters of his childhood have been revamped by modern storytellers that are making the characters appear darker and not necessarily appropriate for children. The goal of Zelaria is to appeal to all ages.
The wholesome and complex people of Zelaria are strong and capable characters. Every person has distinct and notable personalities that took him three whole years to develop.
Take Aurora for example. In the classic tale she sleeps up in her castle until her prince fights off the dragon and saves her, but in Zelaria she is the high chancellor of the Zelarian senate. Snow White has a magical bow that has infinite arrows. These princesses “Aren’t just damsels in distress.” as Smith says. With Zelaria, Smith wants to annihilate the stereotypes that have piled onto stories and tell the world that you can create a thrilling and exciting story without violence or profanity; that you can have all ethnicities and groups, and make them strong and capable. It is also a sign to kids that they can do anything, that they can be anything.

An example of Smith’s artwork in the comic

“If I had listened to everyone every time they told me ‘You can’t do that’ or ‘You’re crazy if you think you can do that’ there would be no Zelaria. It would’ve been moth balled a long time ago.” said Smith. The journey has been long and hard for Zelaria, as it started, like many great things, in Smith’s garage three years ago as a small kick starter project called “The Fables of Avalon”. “The Fables of Avalon” quickly exploded into the complex world of Zelaria as Smith drew out character after character, place after place, until it was near perfection.
Now as Zelaria goes through it’s final stages of editing, and coloring. It is planned to come out this winter, as three sets of twelve comic books, each set with it’s own story arch. First, “Dynasty of Darkness” then “Whisper of the Jaberwakee” and finally “Twilight of the Emerald City”.
Through it all, the ups and downs Smith remembers what his grandmother, a great inspiration of Zelaria, had always told him, “You dream what you do, and you never fail until you give up.” Which means to Smith, that “The Chronicles of Zelaria” will never fail because he will never give up on the story that he hopes will fly off the shelves and into our hearts.


Story by:

Tatum Cempella

Age 12

Josh McDonald

Age 11