Need for Speed


Meet Spencer Pigot, local Windermere Indy Race Car driver.

His inspiration to get behind the wheel came from his father, a race car enthusiast and professional driver.  When Spencer was only 9 years old, his dad got him a go-cart and he fell in love with high speed driving.

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Joey Conn

The father and son duo would watch, study and practice racing every Saturday together. Growing up, they lived and breathed racing and Spencer continues that tradition today with 100% dedication to his racing career.

His most recent race was close to home in St Petersburg, Florida and Spencer earned 14th place in the race after starting in the 21st spot. Pilot holds the title for the 2015 Indy Lights Champion and Indy Lights Rookie of the Year Award.

“My job is fun because we get to travel” explained Pigot.  One downside however, is how the sport is taking away time from home.  But he still loves racing.

Pigot says the industry is all about speed and it’s out loud and fun!


Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Age 11