Managing a Destination


Winter Garden Village is a staple of the Winter Garden community and Kerri Ryan is the woman behind running this 1.1 million square foot shopping center.

“As a property manager, it’s a job that a lot of people don’t think about. I basically run the entire physical asset of Winter Garden Village.” explained Ryan.

ffa_photoicon30The Clocktower at Winter Garden Village Mall

As a part of her job description, Ryan takes care of the exterior maintenance, painting, landscaping, security, collecting rent, paying invoices, operating events and even taking care of the occasional bear that wanders onto the property.

Every day is different. That’s what’s fun and exciting about it,” continued Ryan, “There are no two days that are alike; there’s never a boring day.

Ryan first discovered the industry on a fluke. After getting out of school, she went to a temp agency to help find a job. After being placed at a company that dealt with property managers, she went up the ranks until, 20 years later, she worked her way to regional property manager of Winter Garden Village.

However, being in charge of such a large and busy facility can be difficult at times.

“It’s a 24-hour job…You get a lot of middle of the night phone calls…usually about 2 o’ clock in the morning. You’re never off.”

As Winter Garden Village continues adding new stores and gets more and more popular, Kerri Ryan will be there as a pillar to make sure that everyone who shops at the outdoor mall has the best and easiest time possible.

Written by:

Shelby Beck

Shelby Beck

Age 15