Kids: Start-Up

Work is just for adults, right? Wrong! Many kids are making big bucks with their creative ideas and Ocoee resident, Menu Hamlett is no exception.

Menu is an 11-year-old with plans to open a bakery one day.  And not just any bakery – Menu wants to cater to vegan, gluten free, allergy and non-dairy diets.  But why wait till she’s a grownup?

According to local Accountant Wendy Byrd, people can start their own business at any age. Your ideas, talents, and even chores can make a great business.  Byrd has a few tips that may help Menu and even the entrepreneur in you!

#1- The Big Idea:

Brainstorm and consider all of the things you love to do.  The business name is an important factor – it’s necessary for people to immediately know what service you provide.

#2- Pick an Audience:

Starting off, menu’s audience would probably be people with dietary restrictions.

#3- Others Like You:

According to Wendy Byrd, for Menu’s Bakery – her immediate competition can be found at a local market.  Wendy recommends that she connect with someone at a bake-stand to interview them about their company.  “Because you know what most people like to talk about the most; themselves.”

#4- Finalize the Details of Your Business Plan:

To ensure the growth of business all company starters must have a business plan.  For this you can use your research to create a valuable tool highlighting goals and steps to achieve tasks.  Online tools include and the U.S. Small Business Administration at

#5- Buying Supplies:

Menu explains that she may need all kinds of natural baking and ingredients and supplies to start her inventory of goods.



Story by:

Tatum Cempella
Age 11