The Ice Cream Age


Ice cream, the treat of choice during hot Florida summers.

There are lots of places that specialize in ice cream but nothing quite as nostalgic as Scoops Old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Winter Garden.

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Tatum Cempella

ffa_photoicon30The Ice (Cream) Age
Jake Cuomo

Michael Stopples, the owner of the parlor tells us his entire purpose is to connect with everyone who comes into his shop. When he first decided to open an ice cream store he knew he wanted a downtown area.

One of the oldest buildings in historic downtown Winter Garden, happens to be a hotel. Stopples knew it was and still is the perfect venue for his dream business.

Today, Scoops goes through about 10,000 gallons of ice cream a year! You can fit that into an average household’s swimming pool! Who wouldn’t want to have a pool full of ice cream?

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Tatum Cempella

Those gallons are made up of 96 different flavors for all to enjoy.

With 7 and a half years in the making, Stopples still takes his time with every customer and always tries to get to know them. He knows the names and orders of his “usual” customers by heart.

So take a stroll down to Scoops and step back in time to the simple age of ice cream.

ffa_photoicon30Tatum Cempella


Tatum Cempella

Tatum Cempella

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