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Healthy You, Healthy Pets!


If you haven’t been into Gracie’s Pet Food store on Dillard Street yet, don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by two very, very big and beautiful Newfoundlands at the front door!

Dannenberg feeds her very big dogs a raw food diet and is an advocate for this type of diet depending on the breed of dog.

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Owner, Kim Dannenberg specializes in dogs, cats and rabbits and her mission is to educate our local community on longevity in our animals, giving our pets a healthy, happy life.

Dannenberg feeds her very big dogs a raw food diet and is an advocate for this type of diet depending on the breed of dog. According to Dannenberg, one sign of a healthy diet is how much your animal is producing.

If they produce a lot of waste, that would suggest the food going in has ingredients their body does not need and it sends it back out as waste.

We asked Kim to give us a few ideas on how to keep our pets healthy…

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Read, Read, Read.

Always read the ingredient label on pet food and look for limited ingredients. Make sure the main ingredient is a meat protein.


Gluten allergy anyone?

According to Dannenberg, dogs can suffer from the same food allergies that human’s experience. Look for Soy Free, Gluten Free and Corn Free products and definitely speak to your veterinarian if such allergies arise.


Brush em!

Dannenberg suggests we should get in the habit of regularly brushing our dog’s hair, trimming their nails and bathing them.


Check Up’s

Set up an appointment to have a regular healthy check-up with a veterinarian.  The veterinarian can also get your pet started on flea and tick prevention.  In the state of Florida, fleas and ticks can be worse because of the sand and heat. Kim takes her Newfoundlands to a holistic veterinarian and she shared with us that she also takes her dogs for chiropractic visits, where they get adjustments.  Adjustments help to keep the bones and joints healthy in her very large dogs.

Kim clearly loves animals and loved sharing her information with the Journalism X team.  She is extremely knowledgeable of the natural and healthy ingredients we can feed our pets and her shop offers a wide variety of healthy foods.

Our last tip from the Journalism X Team: KEEP LOVING YOUR PETS! 


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