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How to Charm a Modern Day Girl

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In this day and age, “dating” for high schoolers more often than not involves holding hands awkwardly in the hallway and having text conversations late at night.

While this generation has made considerable steps towards important issues like equal pay and gay rights, as far as dating goes, it’s time to look back at the generations of the past and gather a few tips.

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Jade Morrison

1. Hold the Door for Her

While this may seem like a small gesture, holding a car door or the door to a classroom shows her you care and that chivalry is indeed not dead.

2. Save All Important Conversations for In Person Meetings 

This advice can range from asking a person out to breaking up with someone. No matter the situation, conveying the message in person shows you care and have respect for whomever you’re talking to.

3. Talk Face to Face (and not on FaceTime)

Actual dates should not be downgraded with the addition of technology. While it’s great to be able to communicate 24/7, building a relationship needs the subtleties that only face to face interaction can provide.

4. Try to Erase That First Date Tension

We’ve all been there, sitting awkwardly in the movie theater with your hand draped “nonchalantly” across the cup holder. In reality, we’re trying to get them to buck up enough courage to at least hold our hand. Instead of trying to point out something you deem as obvious, try cracking a joke to get conversation flowing.

5. Chivalry 

Every girl has dreamed of her handsome prince charming coming to save her. And while neither of you are royalty and she isn’t a mermaid or locked in a tower, putting her needs first and going out of your way to make her happy is never under appreciated.

6.  Remember the Little Things

When a girl mentions her favorite color, flower or even makeup brand it may seem like a trivial thing at the time; however, it can come in handy later on in the relationship. Whether it be a big event, like asking her to prom (maybe create a poster based off her favorite TV show) or just an everyday reminder of how special she is (bringing her favorite flowers to school), all these things remind her that you listen.


Is Dating Important in High School?

Not necessarily. Dating is hard work, you need to commit yourself to a relationship in order for it to be beneficial. And, while it can be rewarding, it’s also very time and energy consuming. School should come first; so, before you go putting our advice to use, make sure you’re ready and have enough time for a relationship.

ffa_photoicon30Try to erase that first date tension!
Jade Morrison


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