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Category: Local

Six Pixels

Six Pixels Kay successfully peaked the interest of young local filmmakers. See how she is...

Lost Arts

Lost Arts Popular career paths in 2017 include nurses, accountants, physicians and web developers....


Hungry? Journalism X samples some of the Mexican restaurants Winter Garden has to offer. Mexican...

Pokemon Go!

Watch out Winter Garden, there may be a Pokémon in your backyard!

The Ice Cream Age

There are lots of places that specialize in ice cream but nothing quite as nostalgic as Scoops Old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Winter Garden.

Need for Speed

Meet Spencer Pigot, local Windermere Indy Race Car driver.
His inspiration to get behind the wheel came from his father, a race car enthusiast and professional driver.

Comic Lovers Unite!

Diana Krummel has opened her shop, KRUM’S WORLD: Comics and Collectables, to help ignite a passion...


Journalism X

Journalism X is a partnership between Florida Film Academy and the Observer Media Group.

FFA After School Classes