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Hungry? Journalism X samples some of the Mexican restaurants Winter Garden has to offer. Mexican...

Library 2.0

LIBRARY 2.0 The Winter Garden Branch of the Orange County Library System goes above and beyond...


Cats are getting their 15 minutes of fame in Winter Garden!
Walk down the trail and you instantly know you’re in photography heaven.

The Ice Cream Age

There are lots of places that specialize in ice cream but nothing quite as nostalgic as Scoops Old fashioned Ice Cream Parlor in downtown Winter Garden.

Need for Speed

Meet Spencer Pigot, local Windermere Indy Race Car driver.
His inspiration to get behind the wheel came from his father, a race car enthusiast and professional driver.

The Max Channel

Next time you pick up your device to watch YouTube, try searching “The Max Channel”. At a very young age, West Orlando native, “Max” took his passion for movies to the next level.


Journalism X

Journalism X is a partnership between Florida Film Academy and the Observer Media Group.

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