Cats are getting their 15 minutes of fame in Winter Garden!

Walk down the trail and you instantly know you’re in photography heaven. Photographers of all ages love visiting downtown Winter Garden to capture the history, the architecture and quirkiness of the town.

But have you ever noticed all of the CATS? The Creative Photographers at Florida Film Academy call their latest project “Catarazzi” and cats are the theme behind one of their favorite assignments.

ffa_photoicon30Main Image:
Lucas Nascimento

ffa_photoicon30Ankhkhuab Hamlett

Catarazzi is an ongoing project for the photographers, “It’s paparazzi for cats” Brittain Rainville, 3rd year student photographer tells us.

“A cat sighting means drop everything and take a picture. It’s like seeing a celebrity for a group of tourists” explains Ankhkhuab Hamlett, one of the founding team members who inspired the Catarazzi project.

ffa_photoicon30Ankhkhuab getting down to cat level
Kathryn McCoy

ffa_photoicon30Brittain Rainville

So what exactly will the students DO with these photos? The group plans to keep it going and publish a photo book in honor of Winter Garden’s feline friends. “A trip to Africa to see even BIGGER cats…”, jokes Kay Hill, the student’s Photography instructor, “would be a great way to end the project!”

Next time you see a cat lurking around Downtown Winter Garden, snap a selfie, it could be the next local celebrity!

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Tatum Cempella

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