Bee-autiful Bees


Bee-autiful Bees, not such a beautiful future…
Mr. Wisdom’s 4th grade Lake Whitney Elementary  students visit the Winter Garden Honey Company to find out why bees are becoming extinct and learn more behind the passion of Beekeeper Bob Stevens and his fresh local honey.

Mr. Stevens prides himself on the 100% natural ingredients used to produce the honey from his bee-autiful bees!

Mr. Stevens started collecting bee’s and other critters at the tender age of 8 years old. His passion grew into a career of beekeeping. He now has more than 30 years of experience and along with his wife, owns Winter Garden Honey Company.

Mr. Stevens prides himself on the 100% natural ingredients used to produce the honey from his bee-autiful bees!

3 of Stevens popular flavors include Palmetto honey, Sabel Palm and Orange Blossom – all pollenated by local bees using different species of plants.

Honey is a natural remedy for sore throats and allergies. Local honey is always a good option and it never expires.

Protecting our bees from extinction 

According to  if bee’s did not exist our food pyramid would look a lot different.

The basics like fruits and vegetables would not receive their pollination to grow, animals would not have a food source and humans would face the consequence.

What’s causing their disappearance?

There’s a new parasite plaguing bee colonies.
Meet the mite: Nosema ceranae
These parasites will latch onto the bees and start sucking their blood like a vampire.

The Death of the Queen Bee. 

According to Beekeeper Bob, the loss of the Queen bee causes the bees to become depressed. This impacts the flavor of their honey because they are not out pollenating plants.

According to our classroom research, Humans are another threat. From pesticides farmers use to maintain their crops, to air pollution and chopping down trees which are home to the bee hives and so many more.  This article could take up the whole newspaper/website if we listed them all. 😉

A New Hope 

Luckily, Beekeepers like Bob Stevens and researchers around the world are working together to solve the mystery of bee extinction.

And don’t worry husbands, if you want an excuse not to mow the lawn, just tell your wife you might run over a bee pollenating a flower!!

Story by: Rhea M. John G. A.K Jake C. Brady B. of Lake Whitney Elementary School

Photos by: Lake Whitney Elementary School

Edited by: Journalism X Team