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Bee-autiful Bees

Bee-autiful Bees, not such a beautiful future… Mr. Wisdom’s 4th grade Lake Whitney Elementary  students visit the Winter Garden Honey Company to find out why bees are becoming extinct and learn more behind the passion of Beekeeper Bob Stevens and his fresh local honey. Article by: Lake Whitney Elementary School Mr. Stevens prides himself on the 100% natural ingredients used to produce the honey from his bee-autiful bees! Mr. Stevens started collecting bee’s and other critters at the tender age of 8 years old. His passion grew into a career of beekeeping. He now has more than 30 years of...

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Healthy You, Healthy Pets!

If you haven’t been into Gracie’s Pet Food store on Dillard Street yet, don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by two very, very big and beautiful Newfoundlands at the front door! Dannenberg feeds her very big dogs a raw food diet and is an advocate for this type of diet depending on the breed of dog. All photos by Brittain Rainville Owner, Kim Dannenberg specializes in dogs, cats and rabbits and her mission is to educate our local community on longevity in our animals, giving our pets a healthy, happy life. Dannenberg feeds her very big dogs a raw food...

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Safety Sirens Service

When we think of the men in blue we think of crime fighters, street patrol and most importantly those who protect & serve our community. But did you know police officers experience many roles once they are in the department? Meet Officer Andrew Raphael, community officer for the Winter Garden Police Department. All images by Shelby Beck A community officer is a police officer who works with kids and adults, getting to know them, their families and the local community. Officer Raphael says that out of everything he does, his favorite part about his job is dropping everything and...

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Comic Lovers Unite!

Diana Krummel has opened her shop, KRUM’S WORLD: Comics and Collectables, to help ignite a passion for reading in people of all ages. Krummel relied on comics at a young age to help manage her dyslexia. Krums World Comics Photos by Journalism X students Comics were just the solution to help her fall in love with reading. Krummel relied on comics at a young age to help manage her dyslexia. According to the American Dyslexia Association, dyslexia causes people to perceive their environment differently, especially when confronted with letters or numbers. Comics were just the solution to help her...

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Journalism X

Journalism X is a partnership between Florida Film Academy and the Observer Media Group.

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