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Author: Shelby Beck


U PICK People love knowing where their food comes from, especially the novelty of picking the food yourself. In the West Orange area, shoppers have a lot of local farms to choose from. From the Bekemeyer Family Farms off Story Road who offer hydroponic strawberry picking and fresh picked vegetables, to Lake Meadows in Ocoee who specialize in cage free chicken eggs and fresh poultry- there’s something local for every diet. Even local Ocoee U-Pick farm, Tom West Blueberries specializes in U-Pick blueberries, jams, honey and even honey butter. Yum! Shoppers can find hyper local produce in local markets...

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Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible How Jon Gress uses visual and special effects to trick his audience Jon Gress’ job is to make you see, and believe, the impossible. As a visual effects producer, he works to make the impossible possible both during and post production. Gress specializes in invisible effects; slight changes in actions and backgrounds that the audience is not supposed to notice. Using visual effects, he has the power to blow objects up, show people falling off of buildings, and even change the color of the sky. “Visual effects and special effects have always been created to...

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Pet Peace Of Mind

Pets are family too – have you thought about their future? It is often said that death and taxes are the only two things unavoidable in life. And while we can plan for taxes, death is both unavoidable and unpredictable, often leaving a multitude of strings left untied. For pet owners, the fate of a pet is a very serious string that is sometimes left hanging when someone passes.  The healthcare organization Cornerstone Hospice and Palliative Care has created a program to help tie up this string called Pet Peace of Mind. Cornerstone Hospice, which covers Lake, Sumpter, Orange,...

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Lost Arts

Lost Arts Popular career paths in 2017 include nurses, accountants, physicians and web developers. However there seems to be more and more of a gap when it comes to custom made items. Custom artistry is an avenue a lot of young people don’t consider as a career option anymore because of modern technology, ready made items and shifting work patterns. Careers like jewelers and carpenters are now considered to be lost arts. Local jeweler Alex Ramos owns and operates Plantation Jewelers located on Plant Street in historic downtown Winter Garden. Ramos has over 30 years in the business and...

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Kids: Start-Up

Kids: Start-Up Work is just for adults, right? Wrong! Many kids are making big bucks with their creative ideas and Ocoee resident, Menu Hamlett is no exception. Menu is an 11-year-old with plans to open a bakery one day.  And not just any bakery – Menu wants to cater to vegan, gluten free, allergy and non-dairy diets.  But why wait till she’s a grownup? According to local Accountant Wendy Byrd, people can start their own business at any age. Your ideas, talents, and even chores can make a great business.  Byrd has a few tips that may help Menu...

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Journalism X

Journalism X is a partnership between Florida Film Academy and the Observer Media Group.

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