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Author: Shelby Beck

Six Pixels

Six Pixels Kay successfully peaked the interest of young local filmmakers. See how she is expanding her company’s reach to filmmakers around the country. Kay Hill, local Winter Garden resident, is adding another accomplishment to her career. She has made more than 200 TV Shows, documentaries and short films throughout her professional  journey in the production industry. Kay Hill is also one of the owners and lead instructors of a local creative experience for kids and teens called Florida Film Academy.  She has now made a way for kids outside of our community to learn about the world of film and...

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Career Pioneer

Hundreds upon hundreds of people will join in to watch her do anything from chatting about parenting to intricate make up tutorials. Story by: Tatum Cempella Age:12 There’s been bee attacks, product disasters, and even her son asking her to smell his under wear on Facebook live. Twenty nine year old Kaleigh Merrill wakes up every morning, drives her two kids to school, comes home, starts her coffee, and opens up Facebook. No, she’s not checking in on her favorite celebrity, she is starting her newest Facebook Live stream, because that’s her day job. Soon hundreds upon hundreds of...

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The Future of the DeLorean

The Future of the DeLorean The DeLorean, a time traveling machine from the world famous movie, Back to the Future.  We all know what it is, but how many of us get the chance to ride in one? The 1980’s cult classic film Back to the Future is a movie about a teenager who unintentionally time traveled thirty years into the past in a modified DeLorean, a car made famous by the film.  One could say that the biggest star of the film was the time-traveling machine itself, with its multiple buttons, LED glow, and wing-like doors.  However, what if...

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U PICK People love knowing where their food comes from, especially the novelty of picking the food yourself. In the West Orange area, shoppers have a lot of local farms to choose from. From the Bekemeyer Family Farms off Story Road who offer hydroponic strawberry picking and fresh picked vegetables, to Lake Meadows in Ocoee who specialize in cage free chicken eggs and fresh poultry- there’s something local for every diet. Even local Ocoee U-Pick farm, Tom West Blueberries specializes in U-Pick blueberries, jams, honey and even honey butter. Yum! Shoppers can find hyper local produce in local markets...

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Making the Impossible Possible

Making the Impossible Possible How Jon Gress uses visual and special effects to trick his audience Jon Gress’ job is to make you see, and believe, the impossible. As a visual effects producer, he works to make the impossible possible both during and post production. Gress specializes in invisible effects; slight changes in actions and backgrounds that the audience is not supposed to notice. Using visual effects, he has the power to blow objects up, show people falling off of buildings, and even change the color of the sky. “Visual effects and special effects have always been created to...

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Journalism X

Journalism X is a partnership between Florida Film Academy and the Observer Media Group.

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